As we move into phase two of Governor Jared Polis’ Safer At Home Initiative, many houses of worship have begun to reopen with safety guidelines in place. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however, remains closed for in-person worship. Local congregations, or wards, of The Church, eagerly await direction from local Church authorities on even tighter safety precautions required to reopen their doors. Members of these wards are particularly ready to join each other in worship because they partake in the sacrament each Sunday and listen to talks prepared by other members- not paid clergy. This makes for internet-based meetings impossible and discouraged by Church leadership. Some members have been able to partake in the sacrament at home, while others rely on special deliveries by other members each week. 

One member, Charlotte Alan, recently moved out of the area but doesn’t mind the 40-minute drive back to Boulder each Sunday. With the in-person services suspended, however, Sundays have looked a lot different. “It can be really difficult to focus my attention on feeling the Spirit and remembering the sacrifices Christ has made for me when I am taking the bread and water in the mailroom of an apartment complex next to a vending machine. However, I am so grateful for these sacrament deliveries because they are crucial to my faith. My ward is small- only about 50 regular members, so I hope we get the green light to return to the church building soon”. 

Though church services haven’t gone online for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, some members in the area got together to create a 12 part series named “Hear Him” in which they talk about their faith and share ways they can hear Christ and understand the gospel in more depth. They have also hosted numerous “member challenges”, the most recent is an action a day to become more kind. The Hear Him video series and Kindness Challenge can be found on their Facebook page “Church of Jesus Christ Boulder”.

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How do you #HearHim?

Posted by Church of Jesus Christ Boulder on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Jessica Carney of Arvada felt inspired to do a Christ-centered flash mob during this year’s Christmas season. She invited people from various Christian faiths and held a single rehearsal the night before.

“I want to light the mall with the true spirit of Christmas” said Jessica in the week leading up to the event. She chose the busiest day of the Christmas season and organized the event with the Flatirons mall in Broomfield Colorado.

On December 22nd at 2pm a 4 person mini orchestra began playing “Angels We Have Heard on High” for some surprised shoppers outside of the Nordstrom store in the mall. Soon a small number of voices joined in and before it was over more than 100 voices and instruments were heard singing the message of Christmas. The group included 25 to 30 missionaries and President Savage of the Denver North Mission was present to view the event.

Here is a video recording of the event:

Thank you to all who find their own way to Light the World this Christmas season!