Arvada Stake Joins City, Other Faith Leaders in Creating Supports for Homeless Population

Members of the Arvada Stake Communication Council pose for a photo during an Arvada City Council meeting.

Members of the Arvada Stake Communication Council attend an Arvada City ByCouncil Meeting on February 5, 2024.

By Denver Region Media Specialist Corey Christiansen

For the past year, members of the Arvada Stake Communication Council have participated with a coalition of churches in Arvada to discuss how to provide more support for people experiencing homelessness in their area. City Councilman Randy Moorman has organized multiple meetings to garner support from the faith community.

At a meeting in January, Moorman requested that each congregation send volunteers to speak for their support of building a Navigation Center that would provide full services for the homeless.  The Arvada Stake Communication Council sought approval from its Stake Presidency and then several of its members attended a city council meeting in early February and spoke in support of the city moving forward on the center.

As a result of the stake council’s advocacy and that of other faith communities, Arvada’s Mayor and City Council put the Navigation Center on their strategic plan for 2024. Moorman’s email to the faith coalition stated that the overwhelming attendance at city council and the powerful statements shared were critical in helping the council come together and support it. The Arvada Stake said this is just the start of its involvement and looks forward to supporting this project through its completion.


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