Littleton Church Members Show How to “Love Your Neighbor”

By Katie Clark (Columbine Stake)

It’s not every day that you see hundreds of people gathering early on a Saturday morning, but that’s exactly what happened as the Columbine Stake (Littleton area) and surrounding churches joined forces in the “Love Your Neighbor” event.

“The gym on Saturday morning was like a buzzing beehive, with energy and love bouncing off the walls!” exclaimed Adena Duffy, JustServe Director for the Columbine Stake Communication/JustServe Council (click here for video of the event).

On February 24, dozens of volunteers came together to assemble more than 4,200 snack bags filled with donated nonperishable snack items. The Denver Human Services Center will distribute the bags to 10 different shelters and government buildings for migrants in need.

“We felt love for each other as we worked shoulder to shoulder. We felt God’s love as we served His children, and it was so much fun!” Duffy continued. “It was beautiful to witness the hand of God orchestrating and maximizing our combined efforts. What started as a single service idea spread remarkably fast as we took simple steps to put the plan into action. It truly felt like our own little ‘loaves and fishes’ miracle as the donations and people wanting to help kept multiplying! We can do amazing things when we each do our small part!”

What began as a simple search on turned into a community-wide event that not only raised awareness of the ongoing needs in the community, but also brought together people of all ages, abilities, and faith backgrounds. It showcased the power for good that each of us has within us.


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