A Christmas Creche featuring nativities from around the world will be held Dec. 6 and Dec. 7 in Colorado Springs. The exhibit will also include musical performances and a live nativity.

The event will take place at

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 8710 Lexington Drive, Colorado Springs.

Friday — Decmeber 6, 2019: 2:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday — December 7, 2019: 1:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Live Outdoor Nativity: 15-minute presentation with live actors and animals starting promptly at 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. both nights.

Admission is free and open to the public. Canned food donations accepted but not required.

For more information visit: http://coloradospringscreche.net/

The Jeffco Interfaith Coalition is having its annual pumpkin patch fundraiser to benefit Habitat for Humanity. The group of interfaith partners from Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood and the Habitat for Humanity have worked together to build homes for nineteen years. Each year three semi-truck loads of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds from a Navajo farm in New Mexico are sold at a pumpkin patch in Arvada (near Trinity Presbyterian Church 7755 Vance Dr. Arvada) and also in Lakewood (near Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave. Lakewood). They are currently fundraising to build their 20th house in 2020.

This year, Arvada United Methodist Church invited the Arvada Stake to participate with other members of the coalition along with the Arvada Fire Department and other interfaith and community groups to help unload their truck. On October 9th, twenty members of the Arvada Stake joined with fifty others to help unload an astounding 2,521 pumpkins! A freezing storm was coming through the next day and it was important to pack the pumpkins carefully and cover them to prevent freezing. Kids unloaded smaller items and youth and adults stayed through the changing weather to unload pumpkins. 

Stake members had a wonderful experience working with interfaith and community neighbors while supporting a great fundraiser. They look forward to additional opportunities to serve alongside the community.  If you are looking to support a great interfaith group, please stop by to pick up a pumpkin and meet the wonderful people volunteering at the patch!

Elder Keck and his companion, Elder Dallin Thompson, 19, of Sahuarita, Arizona, were driving Sept. 13 in Kamloops, British Columbia, when their vehicle reportedly collided with a truck. Days later Elder Keck died due to his injuries. His mother was with him at his passing. Elder Thompson was critically injured in the accident.

Elder Bryant Keck, 19, of Sanford, Colorado, served in the Canada Vancouver Mission since June 2018. “He was a wonderful missionary who was full of life,” said Canada Vancouver Mission President G. Blake Wahlen. “Everyone that served with him or around him loved Elder Keck. He was just a great, hard-working missionary.”

“Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Elder Keck as they mourn his passing and honor his life and missionary service,” said Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff.

“We continue to pray for Elder Thompson and his family as well as the individuals in the other vehicle. We hope everyone involved in this tragedy will feel the comfort and peace of the Holy Spirit during this difficult time.”

Elder Davidson is currently a service missionary in the Denver Area

Last November, the First Presidency announced an important change to missionary service.  Beginning January 2, missionary-age youth in North America may officially embark as service missionaries. With the individual in mind, each service mission is customized to the needs and abilities of the one who has been called to serve. For some, that may mean being  able to serve a few hours a week; others may serve more than 40. 

Who is being called as service missionaries – and how does it work?  Missionaries can serve for a period of time between 6 and 24 months. Those who started a proselyting mission and came home early can apply to complete their missions as service missionaries. Those who have limitations keeping them from a 18-24 month proselyting mission are also prime candidates. 

Service missionaries’ days are filled with volunteer work at a variety of locations. Evenings and weekends still mean a base at home. In the Denver area, service missionaries can be found at Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Lutheran Family Services, the Bishop’s Storehouse and the Denver temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Overseeing and coordinating the efforts of service missionaries are Elder Ed and Jayne Swapp, Service Mission Leaders for the Colorado Denver, Southwest Slope, Service Mission Area.

Elder and Sister Swapp are primed and ready, having recently served as Mission President and companion in Monterrey, Mexico as well as a proselyting mission in the Dominican Republic just prior. Seeing the work of the Lord move forward through service missionaries has been a blessing. 

 Elder Swapp shares his conviction that, just like proselyting missionaries, service missionaries are truly full time missionaries, and the Lord has expectations for them as well. “They will be stretched, they will be refined, and they will be tested.” 

The blessings of the mission are felt by all involved. Elder Davidson, serving in the Denver area, reported in last week’s email, “I’m excited to go back to my assignments every day and serve in a Christlike way.”

Though today’s service mission program is young, service missionaries follow a pattern set through the ages. “Just as Christ did, just as Ammon did, these missionaries are changing hearts through their service,” Sister Swapp shares. 

Those working with our missionaries recognize the similarities, too.   Trained simply to serve and not to proselyte, service missionaries still wear their missionary tag to each assignment. Those with whom they serve feel the influence of the Holy Ghost through serving together. 

Two examples will illustrate their impact. The first comes from Elder Cochran’s service, who has been serving in the Western Slope. He radiates love. Those he has served have noticed. Recently, Elder and Sister Swapp toured Elder Cochran’s volunteer facilities at Habit for Humanity. As they met various employees throughout the departments, workers recognized their missionary tags, realized they were connected with Elder Cochran, and repeated over and over, “We love Elder Cochran. Send us another like Elder Cochran. We love Elder Cochran.” 

One service missionary in Arizona made such an impact on her co-worker that when her co-worker’s home doorbell rang and two proselyting missionaries were on the front step, she recognized their name tags and invited them in. Within a few weeks, she and her family had taken all of the discussions and were baptized. The open door that led to that baptism began with a service missionary. 

Created with the idea in mind that there is a way for everyone to serve, Elder Swapp reports, “The service mission is breaking stereotypes. As church membership understands it and gets behind it, it will have a magnificent impact.”

In the meantime, those who have been called to serve continue to give their offering serving the Lord –   growing their testimonies and changing their lives in the process. 

On August 10th, over 100 members from the Denver Colorado Stake and the Denver Colorado North Mission participated in a service project during the city of Denver’s community service week, Denver Days. Mulch was spread, building exteriors and water fountains were painted, and trash was gathered throughout Bible Park. Many people walking throughout the park stopped to visit with members and share their appreciation for helping to beautify the city.

Take your family and friends out to the ballgame at the annual Church of Jesus Christ Night at the Rockies. This special game will be Wednesday August 28 at 6:40pm as the Rockies take on the Boston Red Sox.

Church members and friends are invited for a fun evening that has become a memorable summer tradition. Be sure to arrive early to hear the Colorado Saints Chorale perform the national anthem.

Tickets can be purchased at https://groupmatics.events/event/byualumni2.

See you at the game!

This spring the hashtag #trashtag has gone viral worldwide prompting people to clean up litter and trash on beaches, roadsides, parks etc.

The Tenney family in Arvada picking up trash near a Lake off 80th and Kipling on July 30th.

In an effort to make our neighborhoods cleaner members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that make up the congregations in Arvada were encouraged to work with neighbors, friends, and youth groups to pick up trash around town.

Across the town, groups went out picking up garbage and sharing their efforts on Facebook and Instagram to inspire others to clean up their neighborhoods too.

Grant Speed, an Arvada business owner picks up trash at Tucker Lake

In the largest gathering of conservatives outside of Washington, D.C., Elder Michael D. Jones, Area Seventy, joined many faith leaders at the Western Conservative Summit. He was included in the reading and signing of the Williamsburg Charter. Read on for a snapshot of what transpired July 12 – 13. Don’t miss the video links as well!

VIDEO: Elder Jones Reads and Signs Williamsburg Charter

LAKEWOOD, CO— At the recent Western Conservative Summit, Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Seventh-day Adventist, Hispanic, African American, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Lebanese, and Latter-day Saints religious leaders stood side by side on the stage, along with Colorado Christian University President Dr. Donald Sweeting, and pledged their commitment to defending religious freedom for all people.

The words they spoke were a reaffirmation of the Williamsburg Charter, written and signed by Republican and Democratic leaders, as well as leaders from a variety of faiths and backgrounds in 1988. Principle number one of the charter says, “Religious liberty, freedom of conscience, is a precious, fundamental and inalienable right. A society is only as just and free as it is respectful of this right for its smallest minorities and least popular communities.” Many attendees to the Western Conservative Summit also signed the Williamsburg Charter.

“We are proud to stand for the religious freedom and freedom of conscience of all faiths and no faith. America did not create religious freedom, religious freedom created America,” said Jeff Hunt, Chairman of the Western Conservative Summit.
“We are grateful to be joined by significant faith leaders of many different faith communities from our state in agreement with the Williamsburg Charter and the religious freedom and freedom of conscience for all,” said Dr. Donald Sweeting, President of Colorado Christian University.

Signers of the Williamsburg Charter include:
Dr. Donald Sweeting, President of Colorado Christian University; Biff Gore, Highline Community Church; Tim McTavish, Seventh Day Adventist Church; Gerard Abiassaf, St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy Church; Reverend Ruben Rodriguez, Mountair Christian Church; Elder Michael D. Jones, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, PhD, Intermountain Jewish Newspaper; Ismail Akbulut, Mosaic Foundation; Mr. Tejwant Singh Mangat, Colorado Sikh Sabha Temple; The Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver.

VIDEO: Western Conservative Summit 2019 – YouTube Playlist

Credit: Western Conservative Summit of the Centennial Institute