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Welcome to the page for Castle Rock Mormons. Our Stake (or group of congregations) covers 12 Congregations (or Wards as they are commonly referred to in the church). These Wards are: Canyon Ridge Ward, Castle Pines Ward, Castle Rock Ward, Crystal Valley Ward, Foothills Ward, Founders Ward, Lone Tree Ward, Meadows Ward, Park Meadows Ward, Perry Park Ward, Plum Creek Ward, and  the Terrain Ward. Our Stake center is located at 3301 Meadows Blvd, Castle Rock, Colorado. If you have a media inquiry or would like to know more information regarding Mormons in the Castle Rock area please contact : Lori Brescia



Castle Rock Community Leadership


Community Service Opportunities:

Our church has a wonderful website called Just Serve.  This site can let you know service opportunities in specific communities by simply inserting a zip code and/or dates you would like to serve.


Our annual Teacher Appreciation night was held on April 13.  This was a wonderful evening honoring teachers in our community who have made an impact in the lives of our high school seniors.   The program featured a keynote address by Congressman Mike Coffman, a special musical performance by high school senior, Bryant Kraus and a presentation of awards by the students where the teachers were presented with a beautiful plaque displaying a photo of them with the student who nominated them.

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