In Arvada on 72nd avenue is a church building which sits directly across from the City’s APEX center.

On the front lawn of that church building is a beautiful and well lit nativity scene.

As local leaders of the church considered what activity or gathering could be planned during a year of a global pandemic they turned to something that could be setup and provided on demand, outdoors.

This gorgeous nativity was custom built and is surrounded by large, easy to read, and illuminated boards with the scripture story of Christ’s birth.

It will remain on display through the end of the year.

This spring the hashtag #trashtag has gone viral worldwide prompting people to clean up litter and trash on beaches, roadsides, parks etc.

The Tenney family in Arvada picking up trash near a Lake off 80th and Kipling on July 30th.

In an effort to make our neighborhoods cleaner members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that make up the congregations in Arvada were encouraged to work with neighbors, friends, and youth groups to pick up trash around town.

Across the town, groups went out picking up garbage and sharing their efforts on Facebook and Instagram to inspire others to clean up their neighborhoods too.

Grant Speed, an Arvada business owner picks up trash at Tucker Lake

Jefferson County is a better place because of The Action Center. Since 1968 The Action Center has provided an immediate response to basic human needs and promoted pathways to self-sufficiency for county residents and the homeless.

On February 10th Mormon women in the Arvada area came together to help The Action Center.

The women had the opportunity to purge the unnecessary out of their lives to benefit those in need.  They brought their used t-shirts to a Women’s Conference meeting where they transformed them into reusable grocery bags for The Action Center.