IMPACT Humanity Receives Reusable Water Bottles From Young Women’s Group

Young women ages 11-17 gathered together recently to assemble a donation for IMPACT for distribution to the homeless.

IMPACT is dedicated to helping individuals and families in need and the homeless to regain their humanity.

IMPACT has many programs that provide long-term and short-term solutions and one of those is IMPACT Humanity.

IMPACT Humanity is a free retail clothing store where people in need are able to shop four days a week getting clothing off of racks and shelves.

In addition to clothing, people have many other needs and this time of year hydration is among those.

As part of a recent youth activity, young women in the Arapahoe Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints collected around 250 reusable water bottles and filled them with snacks and notes.

The donation drive was advertised on Next Door, Facebook, and among the membership of the local congregations as well as in partnership with other local faiths.

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority donated 100 water bottles as well.

To learn more about IMPACT and the service they provide the community click here.

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