Denver North Missionaries Have a New Leader

When was the last time you saw a pair of missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints walking down the street, knocking at your front door, or riding bikes in your neighborhood? Most of us have come to recognize the familiar white shirts and black nametags that are customary for these missionaries.

With over 50,000 missionaries currently serving all around the world, you might be curious to know how they are organized or directed. Here in part of the Denver metro, some missionaries have a new director, or “Mission President” to guide them.

The world is divided into over 400 geographic areas referred to as missions. Each of those missions is led and directed by a Mission President whose responsibilities include the supervision and welfare of the missionaries laboring in that geographic mission area.

M’Recia R. Clawson and Charles C. Clawson

The missionaries serving in the “Denver North Mission”  which includes some communities as far south as Parker and as north as Boulder, are now getting used to working under the direction of a new Mission President, Charles Clawson and his wife M’Recia Clawson. Called President Clawson and Sister Clawson respectfully by members of the church and the missionaries in the area; the Clawsons arrived in Denver in July 2023. In their youth President Clawson served as a missionary in Oslo Norway and his wife Sister Clawson in Roanoke Virginia.

The Clawsons come most recently from Las Vegas, Nevada. They will leave behind their career and other personal associations and labor to serve in Colorado for 3 years. Mission presidents worldwide spend 3 years directing the missionary work in the mission to which they are called.

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