Strengthening Understanding Between Faith Communities: Keynote Speaker Discusses Shared Beliefs Among Mormons and Muslims

Jimmy Abuseith visits with Castle Rock Stake President Gregg Lindsey and Craig and Bertha McIlroy at an LDS church service.

This past Sunday evening, August 27, 2017, the Denver South Public Affairs Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) hosted an interfaith event in Highlands Ranch to strengthen understanding between Muslims and Mormons. As a longtime friend of the LDS Church, Mr. Jimmy Abuseith of Jerusalem spoke to hundreds of LDS Church members and their friends and neighbors who gathered at an LDS meetinghouse in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Addressing the large audience with candor and goodwill, Mr. Abuseith explained how both Muslims and LDS Church members share many overlapping practices and beliefs, which include fasting, modesty, adherence to a health code, the importance of family, serving others, and practicing love and forgiveness in daily life. In addition, Mr. Abuseith shared many personal insights from his family life with his five children and his thoughts and experiences about living his Muslim faith.

Mr. Abuseith graciously fielded impromptu questions from audience members on a range of topics from gender equality, health and dress codes, doctrine espoused in the Koran, and even politics. LDS church members appreciated the opportunity to learn directly about Muslim beliefs from a faithful Muslim who also enjoys considerable knowledge of the LDS faith.

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