Local Mormon Missionaries Perform Musical Of Their Own To Tell The True Story

Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, better known as Mormons, are performing their own musical about the life of a missionary. Over the past several months 4 missionaries have been working together to create an original musical production that will entertain and inspire audiences while portraying an accurate depiction of the life of a Mormon Missionary. This production is titled “Meet The Elders.”

“Meet the Elders is an inspired musical performance,” says Mission President Scott Savage. “These missionaries serving here in Colorado are talented and motivated to show what missionary life in the service of Jesus Christ is really all about.”

President Savage is the spiritual leader of nearly 150 missionaries serving in the “Denver North Mission” of the Mormon church. Working with other local church leaders, several presentations of “Meet the Elders” have been scheduled from Parker to Boulder during the month of June. The presentations are free to the public and promise to be inspiring, entertaining, and educational.

Meet the Elders” provides an accurate view into Mormon beliefs and missionary life by actual missionaries while inspiring and uplifting audiences in the Denver area. Currently, there are 5 upcoming performances scheduled from Parker to Boulder. You can find all the specific detail on the Colorado Mormons Facebook Events Page.


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