You Can Become a Hunger Hero and Light the World in Denver

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church) is encouraging people worldwide to “Light the World” by engaging in acts of service this holiday season. This is part of a series of articles we are publishing to highlight local organizations in Colorado that help make the season brighter.

Since 1978, the Food Bank of the Rockies has been helping feed the hungry in Colorado and Wyoming by efficiently procuring and distributing food and essentials through their programs and partner agencies. Over the years, the Food Bank of the Rockies has developed 681 partner agency relationships in Northern Colorado, including Metro Denver, and the entire state of Wyoming, to distribute food to people in need at all stages of life. Everyday, through its partner agencies, the Food Bank of the Rockies serves more than 134, 000 meals, which totals nearly 49 million meals a year.

The Food Bank of the Rockies works with volunteers in a variety of capacities. In terms of the Denver Metro area, key volunteer opportunities include:

  • Distribution– Pull and build orders from warehouse inventory for member agencies. Requires the ability to repetitively lift 10-30 lb. cases.
  • Reclamation–Inspect, clean, sort and box items received through food drives and grocery rescue before they are distributed to clients. This area requires an attention to detail and is a low-impact/physical area.
  • USDA – CSFP Box Packing–Work in an assembly line filling boxes for the USDA’s CSFP food program. A variety of positions within this area are available from low impact to physical tasks. For groups 10 or larger.
  • Community Kitchen–Help prepare meals for the Kid’s Cafe program. Work may include prepping food, cooking, cleaning, and other duties. Must be 18 for this area.
  • Produce Sorting–Sort through bulk produce so that they can get quality nutritious fruits and vegetables to their partner agencies. A variety of positions are available in this area and is great for groups.
  • TEFAP Nome Street–Pull and build orders at our warehouse for agencies participating in USDA food distribution programs. Requires the ability to repetitively lift 10-20 lbs.

In addition, the Food Bank of the Rockies is holding several upcoming events, such as the Kick Hunger Challenge and the 12 Bars of Charity, in the Denver Metro Area to fight hunger.

As you and your family reflect on the mission of Jesus Christ this holiday season and beyond, please consider volunteering with or donating to the Food Bank of the Rockies. Your service will not only help the homeless, but many everyday people like low-wage workers, children, seniors with fixed-incomes, and individuals with health issues. Nearly half of the donations go to feed hungry children in the area.

Click here for a short video about the Food Bank of the Rockies.

Spread the message of Christ-like service this holiday by using the hashtag #LightTheWorld

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