Mormons in Parker, CO Volunteer to clear the way for the Ray Harvie Park.


Through the volunteer service website, and with gloves, rakes, wire cutters and boundless energy, approximately 75 volunteers made great strides in bringing Parker’s newest park to reality.   They filled the industrial size dumpster in less than an hour, then continued to work through the morning. Old fencing was removed, mountains of wood and metal were piled, cinder block buildings torn down, buildings cleared and much general clean-up accomplished.

A longtime summer resident, Mr. Ray Harvie donated the land to Douglas County Open Space. Once prepped, the county will turn the land over to the Town of Parker to become the Ray Harvie Park in his memory.  The event was co-sponsored by Douglas County Open Space and the Grandview Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  One organizer observed,

“It’s amazing what dedicated volunteers can accomplish in a just a few short hours.  Our expectations have been greatly exceeded.”


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