Local LDS Woman, Anne Jeffries, Featured in Parker Chronicle Article about Bible Study in America

In a recent article by the Parker Chronicle about the 2017 State of the Bible report, local member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), Anne Jefferies, was interviewed to discuss LDS church members’ participation in regular Bible study.

Highlighting LDS belief in the Bible, Jeffries cited LDS teenagers’ attendance at seminary and an emphasis in LDS homes on reading the scriptures daily. While general Bible readership among millennials is down in America, Jeffries mentioned that many millennial LDS members are raising their children to read the Bible daily, true to the church’s continual encouragement to do so. Referencing her own Bible study habits, Jeffries stated, “My reading daily supports me in becoming a better person in my home as well as in my community.”

For the full article: The State of the Bible in 2017 by Jessica Gibb

Anne Jefferies says reading the Bible is an important part of her family life, and something she encourages her children to do daily.

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