JustServe Volunteers from the LDS Church: Ready to Serve on Short Notice

Birthline Denver Stake Activity_April 2017

Just Serve Volunteers from the Denver Stake of the LDS Church sorting through clothes at Birthline

Birthline Denver Stake Activity_April 2017_B

Earlier this month (April 2017), Birthline, a Denver-based nonprofit pregnancy counseling service, faced a critical shortage of volunteers to sort through more than 10,000 donated clothing items. The thousands of clothing items were graciously donated to Birthline by Denver’s largest children’s consignment sale called Just Between Friends (JBF). While immensely grateful for JBF’s generous donations, Birthline lacked the personnel to effectively sort through, organize, and package the donations for Birthline clients.

In its hour of need, Birthline administrators turned to JustServe volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) to fill this critical volunteer shortage. With less than a week’s notice, and after sending out only two email requests for help, more than twenty LDS JustServe volunteers showed up at Birthline on Monday, April 10th to sort through the 10,000 articles of clothing.

Reflecting on the LDS Church’s quick response to the sorting need, long-time Birthline administrator, Claire, shared,

“It was exciting to see how many people were willing to donate their time at such short notice, and that God had a hand in the quick response of [LDS church members].”

Claire and others were so grateful for the volunteers’ efforts, which directly assist Birthline in meeting the needs of expectant mothers and their children.

The rapid LDS response to Birthline’s service need represents a major effort by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to facilitate individual, family, and group service with community organizations across the country. To link volunteers with service opportunities, the LDS Church created JustServe.org, a website where the volunteer needs of organizations, such as Birthline, may be posted and volunteers may search for places to serve in the community.

Ultimately, the one-day sorting opportunity represented three philanthropically-minded organizations collaborating to help those in need in the Denver community. Working in unity and purpose, JustServe volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints, organizers from the Just Between Friends consignment sale, and Birthline administrators managed to provide much needed supplies for mothers and children in our Denver community.

To get involved in community service in the Denver Metro Area, visit www.justserve.org and find out which organizations could use your help in 2017.

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