Easter Brings Together Two Faiths In Parker Colorado

Father Michael Richardson, Greg Bashaw, President Chad Larsen

On March 11th, the Parker Colorado Stake of The Church of Jesus of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) hosted the fourth annual Parker Interfaith Easter Night of Music.  The Night of Music is an opportunity for members of various faiths in the Parker area to come together and celebrate the Easter season through music.

This year, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church was the honored guest for the evening.  Choirs and congregants from both churches performed sacred vocal and instrumental musical numbers.  The quality of the performances was nothing short of stunning.  There was a beautiful spirit present, with some pieces bringing several members of the audience to tears.

A highlight of the evening was when a combined choir from both churches sang ‘Our Savior’s Love.’  The combining of the choirs had not initially been planned.  However, during rehearsal the day before the event the LDS choir was missing several members.  The Episcopal choir decided to jump up and fill in the missing parts for the rehearsal.  Both choirs enjoyed the combined voices so much that they decided to sing together again during the performance.  The combining of the choirs epitomized the spirit of fellowship that was present throughout the evening.

After the event was done, members of the Episcopal choir wondered what we could do next year.

We all look forward to the Interfaith Easter Night of Music again next year, and, hopefully, many years to come.

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