Denver North Stake Benefits Local Charities Through the Helping Hands Food Drive

The Denver North Stake held its eighth annual Helping Hands Food Drive in November. Six food banks were benefited by the generous donations of stake members and the Bishop’s Storehouse of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The successful drive was a coordinated effort between the public affairs committee, stake leaders, members, and missionaries. Church members and friends collected food in their neighborhoods and delivered it to the stake center where it was sorted and boxed. A large truck then distributed the donations to local food banks, including: The Stewardship Center Food Bank Immaculate Heart of Mary, Northglenn Christian Church’s Food Bank, Thornton Community Food Bank, Amazing Grace Church and Food Bank, Senior Hub of Adams County, and Food for Hope.

At times, some organizations have bare shelves when the Helping Hands arrive. “It is very inspiring to fill shelves and prepare the organizations for the holidays.” said Sister Keith, Public Affairs Director, Denver North Stake.

City council and state representatives, including Representative Kyle Mullica, attended the event and were impressed by the good work of the Denver North Stake and members in their community. The Helping Hands Food Drive has been a tremendous blessing to their neighbors in need. In the last two years alone, members have donated more than 2.5 tons of food.

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