Colorado Capital – Pro-Life Rally on February 28th

On the last day of February 2018 many will gather on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capital building to rally in favor of life.

Colorado House Legislators will be introducing 2018 Pro-Life legislation to promote the Culture of Life and defend the rights of unborn children.

In that spirit a rally has been organized to take place at 12 noon on Wednesday the 28th of February. Speakers will include Rep. Patrick Neville, Rep. Tim Leonard, Rep. Steve Humphrey, and Rep. Lori Saine.

If you are available and would like to show your support please consider attending. In addition below are some details about the legislation that is being introduced. Take a moment to make yourself familiar!

Pro-Life Legislation:
1. HB18-1120 – Prohibition of Dismemberment Abortions
Rep. Patrick Neville HD 45 (R-Castle Rock)
Sen. Tim Neville SD 16 (R – Littleton)
Sen. Vicki Marble SD 23 (R – Weld)

2. HB18-1121 – No Funding for Trafficking in Aborted Baby Parts

Rep. Tim Leonard HD 25 (R – Evergreen)
Sen. Tim Neville SD 16 (R – Littleton)
Sen. Vicki Marble SD 23 (R – Weld)

3. HB18-1225 – Protection of Human Life Beginning at Conception

Rep. Steve Humphrey HD 48 (R – Weld)
Sen. Kevin Lundberg SD 15 (R – Larimer)

4. HB18-1082 – A Woman’s Right to Accurate Health Care Information

Rep. Lori Saine HD 63 (R – Firestone)
Sen. Vicki Marble SD 23 (R – Weld)

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