Buckley Air Base Hosts DNCC Members To Initiate Partnership To Increase Spiritual Fitness

On September 27th the Colorado National Guard based at Buckley Air Base and members of the Denver North Communications Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met together to begin a partnership and explore how they could come together to assist with the spiritual fitness of the soldiers state-wide.

They discussed topics such as self-reliance courses, ministering support to families of the deployed, and other community projects. Staff Seargent Austin Faux of the Colorado National Guard gave a presentation on the mission of the chaplains and opened a conversation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about how we can come together as a religious community to support one another as brothers and sisters.

As part of the visit, members of the council were given a tour of the base and some of the helicopters that are parked there. The CONG Chaplains presented Heather Scott with a certificate in recognition of the church and the new partnership formed that day.

Area director of affairs, Heather Scott, of the Communications Council, stated “We are deeply grateful for the sacrifice and efforts of the COARNG soldiers and leadership and moved by the opportunity to support them and their families as they serve our country.  I am confident that this emerging collaboration will be a blessing for all involved.”

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