Arvada Stake Participates in Pumpkin Patch Project

The Jeffco Interfaith Coalition is having its annual pumpkin patch fundraiser to benefit Habitat for Humanity. The group of interfaith partners from Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood and the Habitat for Humanity have worked together to build homes for nineteen years. Each year three semi-truck loads of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds from a Navajo farm in New Mexico are sold at a pumpkin patch in Arvada (near Trinity Presbyterian Church 7755 Vance Dr. Arvada) and also in Lakewood (near Mile Hi Church 9077 W Alameda Ave. Lakewood). They are currently fundraising to build their 20th house in 2020.

This year, Arvada United Methodist Church invited the Arvada Stake to participate with other members of the coalition along with the Arvada Fire Department and other interfaith and community groups to help unload their truck. On October 9th, twenty members of the Arvada Stake joined with fifty others to help unload an astounding 2,521 pumpkins! A freezing storm was coming through the next day and it was important to pack the pumpkins carefully and cover them to prevent freezing. Kids unloaded smaller items and youth and adults stayed through the changing weather to unload pumpkins. 

Stake members had a wonderful experience working with interfaith and community neighbors while supporting a great fundraiser. They look forward to additional opportunities to serve alongside the community.  If you are looking to support a great interfaith group, please stop by to pick up a pumpkin and meet the wonderful people volunteering at the patch!

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