6 Easy Ways to Help Denver’s Giving Machines Light the World

We’re two days away from the Grand Opening of the Giving Machines! We know it’s a big honor – and super exciting – to have the Giving Machines in Denver.  After all, only 10 cities in the WORLD get the chance. 

Duane Smith and Jermaine Carroll help get the machines to their temporary landing spot while they await the official install and unveiling.

But what can we do to help maximize the Giving Machines’ impact?

Here’s a list of 6 easy ways to help Light the World through the Giving Machines.

1  – Take the personal challenge to go onto your favorite social media outlet and follow the Giving Machines page (@GivingMachinesDenver for FaceBook and Instagram. @denvergiving for Twitter). Send an invite to all your local friends to do the same. Those who have hosted Giving Machines before assure us that social media is the Number ONE way to spread the word. 

Instagram posts make an impact!

Once the machines open – VISIT, TAKE a picture, and SHARE! Tag us @givingmachinesdenver on any social media channel. 

2 – Share this 60-second video that fully embraces the Giving Machines impact. It’s the newest, BEST video for showing friends and neighbors what the machines are all about. Watch it – send it! Let your friends and neighbors know through this super simple minute that an unforgettable giving opportunity is here in DENVER!

3 – Perhaps we should change the name of pass-along cards to come-along cards. These cards print so easily from your home computer and capture everything at a glance. Pass them along – attach them to neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, etc. You could include them in your Christmas cards!

Better yet invite your friends to visit the Giving Machines with you

4 – Download and print the FHE lesson written specifically for the Giving Machines. You’ll find activities tailored to helping your family get to know what they can give to others, and recognize the many temporal ways they’ve been blessed at home. Put it on your calendar – and do the lesson with your family.

5 – Visit and use the website! givingmachinesdenver.com 

We’ve put a ton up there. The website includes a downloadable, printable PDF menu, specifics about parking locations & cost, details about the charities, upcoming events (like when the Broncos cheerleaders will be there), social media graphics for sharing, and more!!

6 – Read and be familiar with the FAQ’s. As the Giving Machines come up in conversation – and they often will! – you’ll be prepared to spread the word while answering questions at the same time. 

These are just a few ideas. What ideas do you have? 

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