Courtesy 9News – KUSA May 12th 2020

On April 30th The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a 5.5 million dollar cash donation to be provided to a number of key relief agencies in the US including The Salvation Army.

A small part of that donation was manifest this Tuesday in Aurora where 3000 Coloradan families received a box of food to feed a family of 4 for a week.

From KUSA – NBC – 9News:

The entire event came together in about two weeks. With donated funds The Salvation Army placed an order for the groceries from Safeway Grocery stores who provided this much needed food at a steep discount.

From May 7th-9th volunteers, including full-time missionaries and members of The Church dressed in the signature yellow “helping hands” shirts helped to pack and prepare the 3000 boxes of food.

At 9am the “gates” were opened on Tuesday May 12th to a line of over 100 waiting vehicles. Each car was directed down one of 6 lanes where volunteers placed a box of food, a gallon of milk, and 1 dozen eggs into the vehicle; no questions asked.

Prior to this event, The Salvation Army had already done much good during this COVID19 pandemic. Thousands of boxes of food had already been distributed by The Salvation Army Intermountain Division but the community’s need isn’t going away.

Support and cash donations from local organizations such as this most recent collaboration with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints help The Salvation Army to continue to do what they do best.

By 2:45pm all 3000 boxes of food had been distributed to those in need.

The distribution event was held at the Town Center at Aurora Mall. The mall graciously provided the greater parts of the parking lots for this event.

The event was attended by many leaders from the various participating organizations including Elder Balli, newly called as an Area Seventy in April 2020.

Elder Balli along side Mayor Coffman of Aurora, CO
Salvation Army Major Mike Dickinson shows Elder Balli and President Savage (Denver North Mission) what is packed into the food boxes being distributed

Live from Aurora

Posted by Church of Jesus Christ Colorado on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

In addition to the news story on 9News | KUSA above, the event was also generously promoted and covered by Fox31 | KDVR.

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Last Saturday, December 14th , the Colorado Saints Chorale put on a special holiday concert in Brighton, Colorado, titled, Joy to the World. The concert featured soloists Lauren Flauding and Victoria Olson.

There was also beautiful music provided on the strings by Chuck Skinner and Ellen Taylor (violin), Sara McFadden (cello), and Sierra Hicken on the harp.

The concert marks one of the first times the Chorale has partnered with the Brighton Colorado Stake. This was a wonderful opportunity for the group to bring their talents up North and share their message of the Savior across more of Colorado.

This magnified the mixed-voice choir’s mission as an ambassador for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And their impact was certainly felt on Saturday night. The music emanating from the choir and soloists was beautiful, and certainly warmed hearts.

But the concert also contributed to warming individuals another way–with a successful coat drive. Through a partnership with the Salvation Army, 176 coats will be distributed to those in need this Christmas.

The Brighton Stake was honored to work with Major Pease of the Salvation Army. Leslie Aldridge, Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the Stake, coordinated these efforts.

All who attended felt that the whole night was a great way to celebrate the Christmas Season and the Joy the Christ Child brought to the World.