Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were encouraged to participate in the National Day of Service and Remembrance to honor all those so deeply affected by the events of 9/11.

Although preparations for the day of service began late in the Boulder area, local church leaders and members joined together in planning, circulating
information, and hosting a variety of events in which the community and members could participate according to their choice and ability.

A cooperative effort between Vitalant and the Boulder Communication Council brought a blood drive to the Broomfield church building. Below are some of the highlights of the September 11 blood drive:

  • 37 donors were registered to give blood (out of a total drive capacity of 48 slots for donors)
  • 12 people made their first blood donation!
  • 27 whole blood donations made (each one helps three people)
  • 7 Double Red Blood Cell donations collected
  • 6 Plasma Apheresis donations collected (def: the removal of blood plasma from the body by the withdrawal of blood, its separation into plasma and cells, and the reintroduction of the cells, used especially to remove antibodies in treating autoimmune diseases.)
  • Total of 40 blood donations collected, saving 94 lives!

The goal of the drive was to collect 30 donations in total.

The Boulder coordinating representative from Vitalant said the following after the drive:

“Thank you for everything you did to engage congregants and the community with the blood drive! The time and effort you put into marketing the drive and getting people signed up ahead of time has helped A LOT of patients, while ensuring Vitalant remains sustainable to continue serving patients and hospitals in Colorado and beyond, and we’re grateful to count you among our friends. We couldn’t do our good work without you! Participating in this Day of Service blood drive was a heartwarming experience, thank you for the warm welcome to myself, Colleen and the entire donor care team.”

The second source presented to the community for service on this national day of observance was the opportunity to donate a day to the remodel of a future home in Gunbarrel, Colorado: As described by Habitat for Humanity:

“Flatirons Habitat will be remodeling homes that will be made available for
purchase to local families, at an affordable price. This is made possible
through a partnership with a Community Land Trust, expanding our ability
to serve more people in the community!”

Volunteers worked to repair the decks on two duplex units. Half of the group painted wood panels and trim. The other half of the group installed those panels on the underside of the second floor decks that also serve as carports.

Work involved painting, removing old screws and metal staples from under the decks, measuring and cutting the panels to the right sizes, adding some extra wood support pieces as necessary, and then nailing the newly painted and cut panels up.

Participants in this service which actually occurred on Saturday, September 12, included five volunteers.

Underside of Deck before work was done.
Underside of deck after work was completed

The third service option available on 9/11 was making a donation of new socks, hats and gloves for students in need in Erie and Broomfield through Erie Uplink.

Donations bins were located at the Erie Recreation Center and at the Broomfield Church building where the blood drive occurred. Lisa from Erie Uplink said the following in regards to the hefty amount of donations collected from the two locations:

“I am so touched by the generosity of the donations. I can’t wait for our team to see all the darling, high-quality donations when we meet on Wednesday. It looks like folks shopped for a variety of sizes, you can’t imagine how special it is for the kids we serve to receive new items that are just their size. We had almost two tubs of donations at the office over the weekend. We should have enough to provide each of the children in our Tiger Packs program with a new hat, pair of gloves or mittens, and 4-6 pairs of socks. Please pass our sincerest thanks along to the folks who participated in the 9/11 Day of Service- on behalf of the Erie kids who will be thrilled to receive these beautiful items, THANK YOU! – Lisa”

Provided to the community also for those who could not help in person on
this day, was an opportunity with There with Care. This organization’s
mission, “is to provide a wide range of thoughtful and fundamental services
to families and children during the critical phase of a medical crisis.” A
representative from There with Care established a “wish list” of items on
Amazon where people could choose to purchase and donate online.

Although at the time of this writing a definite amount of donations or an itemlized list of items was not available, There with Care stated that donations well exceeded $200.

Community and church members were further encouraged to seek out their
own opportunities to serve their community as individuals and families.
Through the coordinated efforts of the Boulder Stake Presidency and
Communication Council, and the hours, dollars and unselfishness of those who so kindly gave of themselves in service, this year’s 9/11 National Day of
Service and Remembrance was a success!

Twenty-one local High School Seniors from eight area high schools were able to honor the teachers who had the greatest impact on their lives at a Teacher Appreciation Ceremony held Tuesday, March 3 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building on Lowell Boulevard in Broomfield.

Westminster Stake Senior Wyatt Eames and his parents along with his basketball coach Bryce Babcock and Mrs. Babcock

The Seniors, who all belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were able to share tributes to the teachers they nominated and presented them with special certificates. The teachers taught a wide variety of subjects: calculus, physics, chemistry, literature, statistics, English, orchestra, music theory and more.

There were also various coaches and music teachers. Many principals also attended to support and honor the nominated teachers and their students. The tributes the students read were touching and left no doubt in anyone’s mind how hard these educators work to teach and mentor.

Sophie Hendrix said that Mr. James Hinkle, her middle school Spanish teacher, taught her that no one is too small to change the world for the better. Izabella Luna said, “She makes the whole world feel like home,” when speaking of her teacher, Ms. Kathy Zook.

Chase Esplin felt like his baseball team was a family thanks to his coach Mr. Ty Giordano. Amelia Curtis learned many life lessons in addition to how to play the piano from her piano teacher Ms. Yvette Mitchell.

One teacher helped a student through the tragic death of a friend. Another teacher continued to be an excellent teacher and mentor despite being diagnosed with cancer.

Several teachers inspired their students to pursue teaching as an occupation in the future. All of the teachers and coaches touched their students’ lives by listening to them and caring for them. The teachers were great at passing down academic knowledge but even better at letting kids know their worth.

The night ended with light refreshments and a chance for students and teachers to visit with each other. Those who attended the event were uplifted and given hope for the future. Our community is full of great teachers and great students.

Members of the Boulder Stake and the Bishop’s Storehouse donated nearly 1,500 pounds of food and toiletries to the Emergency Family Assistance Association. The EFAA serves the Boulder community in need of basic food and housing and they were thrilled to have a large January donation following the holidays. Individuals in the Boulder Stake collected the donations as part of their #LightTheWorld effort.

This week I spent some time with Elder Tyler Vail who is serving in Boulder right now as a full-time missionary. Elder Vail has about 7 months left to go on his mission and when you meet him he seems like any other missionary but behind the kind smile and the quiet appearance, there is something major going on in Elder Vail’s life right now. Last week his parents, sister, brother, and dog barely escaped the flames that engulfed their home in Paradise California.

FOX 31 Denver spoke with Elder Vail on Wednesday about his experience. You can see that news report here.


In what has become an annual tradition, youth from the Boulder area congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came together to perform a service project that starts and ends with BLT.

They started at a local meetinghouse in Broomfield and split the area into sections. These young men and young women then went door to door asking if they could rake leaves. They asked that a canned food donation for FISH, the local food pantry, be donated in exchange for the service, but would rake leaves regardless of donation.

They raked for a total of 2 hours. In total, they collected 468 lbs of food and $361 for the food bank. They raked 374 bags of leaves. (more…)

There With Care is a national charitable organization that helps and supports families going through significant medical crises. Recently a representative from the Boulder chapter visited Sisters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints during a planned service project to share some of the specific needs the organization has.

That evening these wonderful sisters gathered donations and decorated grocery bags used by families being served by There With Care.

Julie Hess of There With Care shared these thoughts after the activity

I wanted to take the time, again, to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the mission of There With Care at your church this week.  I so enjoyed getting to know this wonderful group of women and I am so impressed with their eagerness to help and to give back to their community. I loved looking through the decorated grocery bags and seeing everyone’s artistic style!  As I mentioned, the families have let us know repeatedly that this extra bit of CARE demonstrated by decorating the bags really helps to boost their spirits. We are also so incredibly grateful for the large amount of grocery and baby items you were able to donate.  WOW!  I think that was one of our largest “wish list” donation yet! Please share with the women a big THANK YOU from There With Care!

Donations gathered for There With Care

Recently the Islamic Center of Boulder hosted an Interfaith event in partnership with the Boulder Mormon church. The Daily Camera, a local news publication covering Boulder Colorado, published a great piece about the event and its connection with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit currently on display at the Museum of Nature and Science.

Before the event the Boulder Atonement Lutheran Church hosted an interfaith dinner which was attended by a number of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish leaders.

Below is an image of the piece on the Daily Camera website. Click on the image or click here to view the full write up.


With his car windows almost entirely blocked and every inch of space stuffed with plastic bags, Travis, a volunteer from “Keep Colorado Warm,” happily took on the challenge of stuffing more in.

Recently, the Boulder Stake relief society came together to donate an impressive amount of winter clothing to the IMPACT program which collects badly-needed items to protect the needy from Colorado winters. When Travis showed up in his small hatchback, he realized he may have underestimated the generosity of these women.

“He was a bit surprised by the size of our donation,” said Wendy Ericson, a member of the Boulder Stake. “Miraculously, he was able to stuff all 18 bags full of winter clothing into his little hatchback. … He was very gracious and thrilled to receive it.”

More than 430 items were donated, including 164 coats, 107 hats and 66 pairs of gloves. One sister even sewed several hoodies herself for the cause.

The sisters sorted all the items, something that made IMPACT “especially happy” for, and they enjoyed hot chocolate and donuts along with good company.

“It was a labor of love,” Ericson said. “I was so touched by the love and generosity of the sisters and the warmth it will bring to others.”